domingo, 26 de julho de 2009

13 Antivirus Rescue CDs Software Compared in Search For the Best Rescue Disk

Once a system is infected with malware it becomes difficult to remove that malware as it is already embedded in the system and has control over many components which are key to the system’s operations. Malware, like rootkits, use system components to hide themselves and prevent other software from detecting or removing them. Besides just hiding, malware can also block the execution of other security applications. If you cannot install or run a security application in the first place then you cannot scan and detect the malware. The best time to remove this malware is when it is not running, but malware often starts Windows is booted up. The only way to scan and clean the virus without booting in to Windows is by using Rescue Disk provided by some antivirus companies. Best Antivirus Rescue CD
The first Rescue CD that I got to know was Kaspersky. Then came Avira, BitDefender, F-Secure, and the list goes on. I have all of the emergency rescue disk burned to CDs and honestly I really don’t know which one to use because running a full scan with one rescue disks can take hours. Today I’ve put all 13 rescue cds to the test to see which one is the fastest and most effective in scanning and removing virus.